Monday, December 20, 2010


Went to Parkson to have a walk with my student after tuition.
Headed to McD for brunch after the walk.
There was a deal between us not to tell his mummy he had McD as he is trying to slim down.

At night, went to One Utama with Eunice.
Had dinner at Sri Melaka and some updates since we have not meet up foe quite some time.
It is always nice to have someone to share with our problems no? I'm still lost but at least she was there to comfort me.

Purse bought in Parkson.
Bracelet from Diva, One Utama.

Sales Corner:

OL suit (good quality) new*
RM 45 (Postage WM: RM 5, EM: RM 7)

Sexy party top (good quality) new*
RM 45 (postage WM : RM 5, EM: RM 7)

Girl next door (worm once)
RM 28 included postage

* pls kindly let me know if you girls need model to demo on the clothes.

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