Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hornet in green? What an attractive movie title that caught my attention! What's more there is my favorite talented idol -Jay Chou first time acting in Hollywood's movie. Wonder is he still look cool and steady when tongue twisting with those English pronunciation ? teehee

Green Hornet

Omgosh!!! How could you resist when there are machos and pretty gather in once?

Don't stop your day-dreaming here! I'm sure most of you ever thought of being part of the team when you got so into with a movie. Me neither! If I were to given am opportunity to become the Green Hornet,......:

(a) The color Green cross my mind with naturalistic. I will first build a school which name " Green Hornet institution" and paint the building in green.Next, I will gather all those who committed to crime in this institution.Regulate them to wear green uniform.The lady version Green Hornet which is yours truly is responsible in giving a proper and well-behavior classes to brainwash their mind from bad to the right path.

(b) Inspiration by Jay Chou. His lyric often been used as the education material in Taiwan institution. I would love to create a Green Hornet theme song to keep them in mind all the time. This will boost their confidence in changing to a better person.The duration of this course doesn't have to be too long, 3 months is more than enough to train a better person outcome.

(c) A certificate of " The so called Green Hornet" will be honored to those who have completed the course successfully. Besides that, they will be a pair of the self made movie " The so called Green Hornet" 's tickets will be awarded. With free popcorns and drinks for first come first basis.

Who tell ya that hornet always have to be harsh when dealing with criminal?
Well education ain't a bad suggestion after all i think . :)

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