Friday, January 14, 2011


Afraid of applying striking color eyeshadows that cause you over done in make up?
Wonder what's the point of having varies colors on palette but only use the few out of all?
Michelle Phan, the Angel of make up always has her own way to make colors work on faces.

Reference from her barbie transformation and I did a little add on to mix and match with the dressing.
You don't really have to follow all the steps accordingly, pick those that highlight the main them of this tutorial will do.

Yours truly barbie transformation version :
1. Apply Baby Skin Base from Etude House, then followed by BB cream from Mischa; face powder from Revecen.
2. Color light blue eyeshadow, dark pink above the light blue, then use darker blue to highlight in between the eyeline.
3. Draw eyeliner if you choose not to stick false lashes, apply mascara after that.
4. Lower eyeline apply the darker blue eyeshadow then only highlight the eyes shape with white eyeliner to make it look bigger.
5. Lastly, complete the full make up with eye brows and lipstick with a more pinkish blush.

Close up on my completed make up.

This is how it looks like when eyes are close.

Love my curls to the bits!
Without perm, just tied it in bun for few hrs and let it go, the result is amazing!

Dress from Forever 21
Headband from krabi
Necklace from Amcorp Mall's bazaar

My Vintage Barbie wannabe look is done!


  1. I am a Michelle Phan fan too! :) Great attempt on the makeup! :)

  2. u should add more luscious flappy eyelash!! looks nicer..

  3. xing: I don't like false lashes, too heavy for my eyes.

  4. ok.. if i close ur eye.. and ur mouth.. and ur nose.. u look like barbie too.. ahhaahaha .. just teasing

  5. tikkoss: i know i don't have the barbie look lah. :(