Monday, January 31, 2011


Tried to dig out some of my red tops or dresses from my closet a night before the gathering. As the organizer, Xing set the color theme in red to bring out the CNY atmosphere.Put on fews and lastly I found one that is not so exaggerate yet in red that goes well with my new bought headband. What's more I don't wanna make myself look like I was overdressed.

The red leopard print dress with a slightly maroon color sling bag.
Dolled up myself and headed to Asia Jaya lrt station to meet up with babe Mel.

It was traffic jammed everywhere in that evening.
We took an hour plus to reach One Utama.
Luckily we get to make it just on time.
Met up with Mel's friend Elias before heading to Sri Melaka restaurant.

We could see all the redies once we entered the restaurant.
Went to say hi to everyone and introduced ourselves.
Three tables already fully seat so Mel, Alias and I went for the fourth table.
There comes Jayren & Carmen came and took our pictures as a proof of attenders.
Somehow I felt that they were paparazzi and we were celebrities at that moment.LMAO

Elias. Mel. Yours truly.
There were still late comers on the way coming.*

Henry's table members.

For our table, we ordered food individually.
I go for my all time favourite- nasi lemak as usual.
After nom nom, we went to each tables to socialize.

Teh Tarik- the famous blogger.
Both of us grabbed him for picture while he was busy talking on the phone.

My lovelies.
Carmen. Yeeing. Stephanie
As Steph promised gonna hug me when she see me and she did it. huggies*

Lou sang ceremony started after inniters finished their dinner.

The yee sang looks nice and neat.

Disaster after few minutes!

Time to enjoy the mess of yee sang!
Kahmon. Mel. Yours truly. Xing. Simon. Alias. Nana.

Photography session with the pretties and handsomes after the ceremony.

Teh tarik thinks that he is invisible kot!
Make all of us had a big laughed.

This is the picture without teh tarik blocking Xing. :D

Yours truly with pretty boy Edwin.

Tikkoss always spoiled our pretty picture.

Mel. Crazy. K.Fai. Henry.
Kahmon. Your truly. Jia yeen.

Thanx Carmen for the hair treatment recommendation.
My hair looks pretty as hers now. :)

Special thanx to babe Mel for the ride if wasn't she I won't be able to attend this gathering.

Big family of Inniters!

Photographer of the night.


Around 10 of us went for second round yum cha at Kayu till 2 am plus.
Reached home still saw lots inniters online chatting how excited was the gathering.
Round applause to the organizer , Xing! It was a very successful gathering after all.


  1. had an awesome time and glad to have met you there! :D

  2. Yeahh, one of the most happening gathering ever! Yet I missed it and I hate myself for that ):

  3. Just look at the Yee Sang! hahahahahhaha
    U guys really did 'lou' it good!! XD

  4. teh tarik: nice to meet you too funny man!
    Hilda: there's always more coming up!:)

  5. First time meeting you! Nice to meet you yea! :)

  6. haha. :D yes, tehtarik is invisible. i can't see him. LOLOL. btw, am jealous at you guys :(

  7. cool! awesome!!! wish i will be there next time! =)

  8. i didn't talk to you on that night><
    sorry for being shy on tht day XD

  9. You look awesome in your outfit! I think you gain weight compared to the very first time I visited your old blog. You look gorgeous now :) Happy CNY!

  10. Darn nice weh!
    How to participate is this kind of event?
    I'm still a newbie :)

  11. Nice to meet you too ! Awesome post ! Happy CNY ! =D