Sunday, January 30, 2011


D.H.T. is also known as dance. house. trance. A Belgian duo which consisting of singer Edmee Daenen and Flor Theeuwes. With the single " Listen To Your Heart" released on 19 July 2005, the band has became the latest European dance act to find its American footing via Robbins Entertainment. Their cover version of " Listen To Your Heart" which originally recorded by Roxette had hit in U.S and Australia in year 2005 as well. The track were welcomed by music lovers and not surprisingly reached No.7 in the UK Singles Chart in December of that year itself. Marketing of the song often referenced DHT as an acronym for Definite Hit Track.

Song title: Someone
The first song I discovered them from DJ Dave's facebook wall.

Then yours truly went and search their songs in Youtube.
These are few that I find it nice and would like to share here.

Song title : Listen to Your Heart
Another song recommend by DJ Dave after I shared on facebook.

Song title: I go Crazy
The song I love the most from D.H.T

Song title: At Seventeen
Another song I managed to find from their official site.

Enjoy the songs.
I'm sure you blogders will love it!


  1. woooooo! i've been listening to DHT for years now. they're awesome.

  2. LOL! after listening to sad songs, now u listen to this type of songs. Hiak hiak listen to CNY songs la

  3. very long never listen to their songs already, their songs :)

  4. Not bad, now I've a new band to listen to. :)