Friday, January 21, 2011


Yay!!! The band Secondhand Serenade was in the town.
Browsing through their songs from Youtube that day since I'm gonna missed the awesome concert.
Yours truly have a habit to share music video in Facebook whenever I listened to well written and composed songs.
That day as usual I posted "Your Call" by Secondhand Serenade in Facebook.
Xing then commented under the music video asked if I'm gonna attend the event in Library, The Curve.
I was like a bit blur at that time cause I didn't know there was any happening event was going on that night.
She replied back that Secondhand Serenade gonna be there at 10pm. Woots!
Yours truly was effing excited and ask around if anyone wanna join the crowd.Mr. D was invited as well since Xing thinks that he is a happening guy.

Mr. D came and fetched me around 9pm plus and headed to Bambo9 to meet his friend for beer.
Half and hour later we headed to The Curve to join Xing and Baoly. Mr.D's friend, William also joined us.
Spotted Mr. W in front of the stage once I stepped in to Library.
I turned to Mr.D and said Omg!!! I thought he wasn't gonna be there since he had already gave out his media pass.
Mr. D replied me " Isn't this what you want?"assumed he already know WTF was my purpose to attend this event. " No way!!!" I swear I thought he wasn't gonna be there.
He even offered me to hold his hand assume I'm in a relationship and having a happy life now.
What for??? I don't have to act like I'm happy if I'm not. I'm not that tough okay!

The girls were already having beer while waiting for us. Mr.D then order this.

William took this picture with his black N8.

We girls.

William. David. Yours Truly

The girls with William.

Mr.D and I

It's all mine!!!

Yours truly was freaking lousy after 2 glasses already K.O there.
The worse was I even puke for the very first time. Yucks!
Therefore I didn't get the chance to take pic with the band.
David then carry me to the car and fetch me home.
I puke all the way to the car and cried in front of!

Xing and Baoly had did their part to take picture with the band. Envy!

I don't know what's my purpose there.
Didn't get to take pic with the band but I get to see them at least. :P

Wonder if you really didn't see me that night cause I see you everywhere.
I really miss you still! sigh


  1. Secondhand Serenadee!!! I missed it. :((

  2. awh no worries sherry. you go there to meet me and baoly. don't say no purpose u being there la. at least u had fun. cheer up about him. don't let him make u an emo person.

  3. Ahhhhh, xing get to take photos with them. So close somemore *envy max* Why so many Mr one? I blur alrdy @.@

  4. wow !! i wan nightlife and hug and mo lang xDD

  5. wahhhhh! Secondhand Serenade!
    wow! most of the pictures got xing90 LOL