Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tagged Eunice to Sunway Pyramid to do pre-cny clothes shopping.
Main mission was to get myself a cheongsam as my unimates is organizing a traditional costume outing on CNY.

Go for simple- singlet and short pants.

*Cut down make up apply recently as my skin is yelling for help!

Likey the CNY dolly decoration in Pyramid. shoo cute*

Eunice claimed that I was damn geng cause I could continue do shopping
for the whole day eventhough I didn't have any meal that day. I will go dizzy or fainted normally if I didn't eat but shopping really helps a lot to cure the pain.

Bought a red bag from Asia Avenue and hair accessories from Diva. Eunice also grabbed herself bracelets from the same shop. I m not gonna reveal things that I bought cause I wanna post it for my coming CNY entries. Stay tuned for the surprise!

Tried to fit all my pile up clothes in papers bags to my closet still.
Bare with me it's like no ending I kept repeating arranging my clothes since last week.

Found this flora dress that goes well with my earings.

* I look like drug-taker in this picture, without make up again.


  1. I havent shopped yet -_-" mayb do it online bah~

  2. Fai fai reveal, I wanna see yr cny stuffs :DDDD

  3. Shopping spreee!!! Crazywrazy spreee :P

  4. Post up your chinese new year look dear. Must be gorgeous in Cheongsam:)

  5. Omg come to think of it I havent done my shopping yet.

  6. yer so envy..seems like u bought tonnes of clothes for cny. i only have a shorts and a skirt. so miserable. =(