Saturday, February 19, 2011


Mode: Tune back to English

Cousin Kelvin and my family gathered at aunt Wendy's place while awaiting for aunt Grace to come over. From sunny wait until cloudy , then poured cats and dogs. The bunch of us waited for the Goh's family for about2 hours plus. yawned* Could you imagine I almost took a nap on the couch.

Finally they were here after the long hours of journey. All of us then departed from Taman Megah to Tropicana; aunt Serene's place for the third time of family dinner gathering. Guess who were the early birds on that night? It was non other than my aunt Fong. surprised* Usually the husband and wife work till late night and always the last one to attend any family gatherings.

Outfit of that night:
Floral prints jumpsuit with my red polka dots sling bag.
Aunt Serene said my bag is cute* :)

There's always youngster and elderly sections separated.
Youngster went upstairs for tv section , elderly were busy chit-chatting downstairs while waiting the dinner to be served.

We watched ' How I met your mother!'. funny shit*
Cousin Nicole then showed us something that make us go W-O-A-H!
Take a look at the luggage bag above. She drew the design all by herself. How awesome!
We were like " Nic, you can now own yourself a design copyright!" :P

This is the design of the back.
She took less than two hours to accomplish this freaking design.
I've already booked her for designing my luggage bag if i were to get one soon. wink*

Posed with the luggage bag since i effing love it so much!
Imagine you travel with a limited edition design where you couldn't find it else where. Cool no?

Skipped the dinner part cause I didn't take picture of the food.
At least I'm not here to tempt you blogders into hunger mode.
Overall, the dinner was great and I ate a lot that night!

After dinner, youngster as usual get back to the gaming section.

The two eldest cousin brother Jeremy and Kelvin tried to catch up with us youngsters' games as they claimed themselves were kindda outdated. newbie*

Later on, all make move to aunt Grace's new shifted house. I getto escaped this time , as I had second round with my highschool mates. I rang up Shawn see if he could fetch me from Tropicana instead of me going back to my place and wait for him. Coincidentally , he was paying a visit at his relatives' house which is at Tropicana as well.

So, he dropped by at my aunt's place with his two sisters. We getto chit-chat and game for a while before we leave and headed to meet with the other. What's more, the three of them getto receive ang pow from my aunt. Was a win-win situation!:)

Cousin Desmond's room whom went to UK further study.
You boy!!! We were missing you so badly. Come back fast!
I know you missed bak gua so much!!! :P

Cousin Nicole and yours truly.

She was demonstrating to me how to play the game .
Shy to say I'm one of the outdated as well. LMAO

This was the game we played.
Between, I don't what is it called. whatever!

My nieces came right after the big whole bunch went to aunt Grace's place.
I know I sound old already!!!

Baby Chloe who likes to play with my fishes whenever she visit my house.

Baby Kaylie always gimme a smile whenever she sees me.

The night end with gg session at Look Out Point with my darlings.


  1. I think the game is guitar hero (: The luggage bag is really cool with the design!

  2. Hey your cousin Nicole is one very creative person!!

    I'm sure her bag will never get lost in the luggage claim section at airports!

  3. I quite like your luggage! Mine is so boring. Just black. =p

    And my goodness woman, you're so so slender!

  4. is it Wii or play station?
    it's guitar hero I think.

  5. Wow, love the luggage bags' design!! *rocks*

  6. i love the luggage design! so colourful =)

  7. wow ! the luggage bag design is awesome! =D