Sunday, February 20, 2011

CNY CHOR 4 & 5


Jane picked me up and then tapao yee sang before headed to our highschool mate's house.
We had home cook dinner at her place with her husband and adorable baby Issac.
Baby Issac has grown up a lot. The last time I saw him was at Alice's birthday, he was still a baby who need mummy to carry around. Yet now he can walk , jump and run all over the place.
We waited Peter to come over before we started our lou sang ceremony after dinner.
He took quite long to arrive since it was his first time there. He kept talking to Jane and the rest once he reached.
I smiled at him and he didn't really respond much at first so I also didn't bother much. Then he asked Jane " Eh, I thought you said Sherry is coming with you? Where is she?"
Jane and the rest laughed out loud and pointed at me " There, this is Sherry lah!" He was like so shocked and asked me " Are you really Sherry? You look so different." He kept repeating asking me few times. Funny shit!

While waiting for the yee sang to be ready. Jane asked the owner Mei Kuan to on Lady Gaga's dvd to watch. We sang along and talked about this s-him's story. I didn't know Gaga was a guy till Peter told us about it. Lou Sang started , and Jane helped us to speak out all our wishes loud loud so that it will all come true. This was the third yee sang I had so far for CNY. What else to do after that? Of course is gambling time! I didn't gambled that night, just did Peter a little favor by helping him to pick cards. I quite ong lor that night. wink* Hang out at her place till late 1 am plus then we went home.I received ang pow from Mei Kuan before heading home. My expression was like so surprised and happy cause this was the first time ever I get red packets from my friends who get married.


Outfit of the night before heading to OU for movie premier screening. Jane was as usual late. The movie supposed to start at 9pm yet she came almost 9pm and we arrived the mall 10 minutes late. We missed the front part of the show.

Burlesque !!! was the movie we watch that night.

We went to Peter's condo for karaoke session after the movie. With snack and drinks served , best service no? Thanx for inviting us to ya place dude! :)


  1. Sherry sherry, still as cute as the last time i saw you! Btw, burlesque is nais!!

  2. Happening.. haha, Burlesque is awesome =D

  3. is the movie burlesque really nice ? i heard from many of my twitter friends they said this movie awesome o ? really ya ? i belum watch leh ...