Thursday, March 3, 2011


Plan on that day had delayed from morning to afternoon 3 pm due to Eunice gotto work. Evon went to pick Suet first cause she stayed nearby her place, then followed by me. Then we headed to Eunice's house and drove her car out instead.

Activities of the day included karaoke session as the girls always like to sing out loud, quickie dinner due to Suet was rushing back for praying ceremony with the family then movie after that.

Headed to Red Box at Sunway Pyramid since Evon has discount coupon at that specific branch. The time of singing was from 4pm-7pm. Yours truly was the only one have not taken her lunch that afternoon. I ordered Kam Heong rice to fulfilled my hunger and started to warm out my voice to show my singing talent. :D

It was like taking forever for them to bring the snacks to our room.

Our SOLO while-singing moments:

Suet suet a.k.a watermelon

Eunice a.k.a banana

Evon a.k.a papaya

yours truly a.k.a strawberry

* Fruit names were given during highschool time* ( some inside jokes)

When all the fruits gathered for group picture.

Had our dinner at wong kok after that. After that, Eunice drove damn fast just to get Suet reached temple on time. Then, left the three of us went OU for movie " What women want". The movie was boring. I fell asleep halfway of the show.

Although was exhausted night but I did enjoy meeting up my girls!