Monday, February 28, 2011


Bare with me dear blogders I swear this is the very final CNY entry.
Normally on Chap Goh Mei the last day of CNY, Eunice and I will head to Amcorp mall lake side to toss oranges but this time Jane went with me instead.
Thought of meeting or could maybe bumped into Eunice and her family there but she was damn late so we didn't get to see each other.

singing performance.

desperates were waiting for the oranges.

colorful umbrella dance.

Second round, we headed to Movida , Sunway Giza to meet up with my unimates. Johann and Arthur were tagged along. By the time we reached there was almost 1am. The gang decided to leave early except Geor since the next day they have to work.

My lovelies undeniable as lovely as usual.

How coincidence Geor's gang table was just next to ours. Convenience enough for me to join her gang.

Sorry yours truly forgot her name.

So called Mr. Bouncer and I

Justin and yours truly

Johann ( my son ). Jane. & Arthur who is learning DJ-ing from Dj Goldfish. woots!

Thanx Mr. Bouncer for giving me a ride home after mamak session. :)


  1. Hey... u went to the taman tasik there??? I went there too.. :D