Monday, March 28, 2011


Woke up early in the morning at 7.15am to get myself ready while waiting Mr. Henry Lee to pick me up. He couldn't find the way to my house that's why he reached my place half an hour late. Our breakfast plan supposed to be at McDonald's but due to the long queue from the counter till the entrance; we decided to give up and go to kopitiam instead.

The situation was kindda cold at first cause I don't know where and how to start the conversation.Yours truly is those slow-warmed and shy type kindda girl. I could feel the awkwardness between. He was trying his best to create some topics to talk which I could see that.But slowly I get myself used to it and talked more which I think I did try. LMAO Next would be this wednesday. Tony is picking me up for HOP movie with the bunch of bloggers. I'm sure the awkwardness in me will happen again. Just can't help it. :(

Next, rushed back to home and got myself changed. Headed to bus stand to wait for the bloody rapid bus for half an hour under the damn hot weather. It was like fire burning on me. Even the bag i carried was burning as though i m carrying an oven out. wtf!

Dahlah I was late, mana tau the friend I supposed to meet up at monorail station at 11.30 ended up came at 12pm. We then headed to Leo's cafe at Time Square to have our brunch.

Yours truly ordered 'lemon something". I forgot the name but this was what it served. From left to right, up and down see also don't seems like thedrink contains any lemon thiggie. Plus, it taste like antibiotic medicine. yucks! And I have to pay for RM2 extra for this damn drink from the original that I!

After brunch, we girls went for a quick shopping before movie. She bought her self a collar shirt while I got myself nothing. Surprised no?

Men Suddenly In Love rate 4.5/10.

Rushed back home to go for third round with Natasha and Carrie. We went dinner at the Garden, The Curve.

Dolled up myself a little. I didn't wear the hat out cause it's kindda overdressed for a dinner thou.

Food show time:

Ain't them look tempting? They really taste good okay!



I had a great day spending my time with friends crapping , gossiping and laughing like there's no tomorrow. Loving it! :)


  1. i wanna watch that movie, i know its silly but funny... eh the hat and outfit really matching leh, u should have went for the dinner like that. It looks cool on u. Yummy food at the garden :)

  2. u look great in the dress, sherry :)