Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Received a very last minute twit from Tony to invite me for the pre-screening for the movie ' Just Go For It' since he has the free passes. At first , I was wondering what's the story all about cause I don't wanna waste the free passes by going there and fall asleep halfway. So, I went and check out the Synopsis of the story and yeah just like what Tony said I would like it! Since he has four passes, one for Mel, him and me; one more extra I ask if I could tag my friend Eunice along. He was kind enough to say YESH!

Eunice dropped her car at my place and I drove to OU for the very first time. We reached the mall before them. The poor thing Mel have not taken her dinner straight away came for movie after her work. She had hot dog and sprite in the cinema as her dinner. No wonder she is so slim! yucks hate her* bleuk

The Review of the movie:

A romantic comedy starring by Adam Sandler , Jenifer Aniston and my favorite classic beauty NICOLE KIDMAN!

Danny Maccabee ( Adam Sandler ) is a well known plastic surgeon in L.A who feigns an unhappy marriage to get women, after the heartbroken incident happened on his wedding 20 years ago.

Katherine Murphy ( Jenifer Aniston ), his office manager was the only women who know about his scheme.She is a divorced mother of two.

Danny then met Palmer ( Brooklyn Decker ), a sixth grade math teacher at a party. They had sex. When she was to leave the next morning, she asked him for number and found out that he had ring in his pants. She assumed that he is married. She refuse to date him after that.

He tried to make it up with her by sending her bouquet to her school. He told her that he is getting divorced with his wife. He asked Katherine to pretend as his wife and also the two kids to act during the Hawaii trip.

During the trip, they bumped into Devlin Adams ( Nicole Kidman ) who was Katherine's highschool friend, always show off in front of her. Katherines has no choice but to grab Danny to pretend as her husband when Devlin ask about it.

* The most funniest part is when Katherine and Devlin competing Hawaian dance on the stage.

In the end, Danny and Katherine find that they fall in love for each other. And Devlin is getting divorced with her husband as she find out that her husband is a gay.

RATE: 8/10
* Kindda expected the ending but still I love the movie!


  1. You're slim also what! I wanna watch this movie too (:

  2. awww, sweet romantic comedy. I always like it when Adam Sandler is in it.