Monday, March 7, 2011


Blogging and music especially Jay Chou's song are the few of the mains could cheer my mood up when 'm down. Yes, this is what 'm doing right now ! Yours truly is damn disappointed of herself . Like really!!!

It's been three days I have not practice driving since the last time I drove to Tropicana City mall. Tonight after sister work, her bf were tagged along with us to give our baby Myvi pump some air on the tires.

Firstly, to reverse my car from the house was a total failed. Then later, we went for side parking after air pumped. Still i don't really get is which way to turn my fucking stering to the left or right for reverse.

I looked like a noob at parking lots luckily there was't anyone. I have to admit 'm a more theory kindda person compared to practical. Now you know how I have been studied for my entire life before this . Stress sial!

Still I feel that my cousin Nee and Mr. D know me the best. The both of them know the tactics to teach some noob like me! Unfortunately, Nee is busy with her uni stuff since classes have started. About Mr.D... I don't know what else can I say much.

Yeah! Mr.D you can laugh out as loud as you want now!

Sister used to play with this to pick up the stering position.
She passed it to me so I can learn from the blardy controller car.

I wonder when can a noob like me will be able to grab the car key and drive alone on the street.

Who is willing and patience enough to teach me? Guess no one will do that. :(
I wanna be able to drive so I wouldn't miss out any blogger's gathering.
I really hate myself at this moment!

* been grounded myself in the room for an hour after the practice*


  1. you are driving auto or manual? I drive auto, no problem for me.

  2. Tropicana mall, ah I miss that place. I miss M'sia on the whole.

    Self-claiemed journalist? I'm studying Journalism + The News Industry right now! =D

  3. I think just need more practise, then everything will be fine. Don't worry, all drivers went through the same phases initially :)

  4. stick with manual, it'll become handle when hard times need u to drive manual

  5. well in time you'll get the hang of it. All you need is more practice and i am sure you'll be dricing your way around