Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Snacks always make me a happy girl whenever I'm happy, sad ,bored , disappointed , stress etc.

Often heard that people said having snacks will gain weight or fats. Why didn't it happen to me for like once?I 'm not trying to showing off here I swear. The most heaviest weight that I ever reached was 38kg yet now I left 34kg.

Seriously I wanna gain some weight before the wind blow me away from one corner to the other. Even my friends and cousins don't dare to hug me cause of the reason scared they would break my bone.

Is there any method or tactics to gain weight? Perhaps for height and pretty face as well?

Now I will go straight to the point to show you guys what kindda snacks I like to consume usually.

My all time favorite Lay's!
Prefer Salt & Vinegar and sour cream & Onion.
Mom thinks that I'm a little too over to spend about RM 10 for it. haha

Colorful cotton candies!
Usually go for the pink one, green is the alternative.
Friends claimed that I'm a bit too old for that.

Ferrero Rocher is the boom!
It's one of the chocolates with nuts and almond I consume.
Yours truly would prefer plain chocolate usually.

Ice cream!
Still remember when I was a kid, I love to eat the 3 flavor mango,orange and vanila in one ice cream which sold in 7-11. It cost roughly around rm2-3.
But nowadays I don't see it anymore. Anyone know what's the brand of the ice cream?

These were the fews I could think of for now. Any snacks that is nice I left out?


  1. m&m's is my top list for snacks =) Nice post..

  2. 34??are you serious?
    beware of the wind... xD

  3. I love sour cream & onion too ^_^

  4. yeah, you look so miniature! When I stand beside you, I feel like I can crush you any time XD But take care of your health too, don't because wanna gain weight then eat till your health become bad.

  5. I love cotton candy! snacks cant really help with weight gain i think. Embrace it! For now lols...mayb when u hit 25 yrs old then the weight will come after you ^^

  6. I usually eat ice cream + chocolate whenever i'm feeling moody hahaha i can eat like the whole tub, seriously.

  7. i love snacks too !!!
    but 34 is bit too light dear..gain weight from solid and healthy food.. not snacks oh. hahah

  8. I eat alot when I'm moody. And I get hungry vry easily. but I hate candies. hahaha.

  9. love Candy and IceCream !! release my stress :P

  10. How about Kit Kat or Mars? Or Pringles? Or Cheezels:)

  11. omgg u are so damn skinny T__T teach me how T_T lol