Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Deng! The morning call woke me up at 7.30am just to ask me out for a date. Yours truly assumed this guy have nothing better to do. Hey come on! I need my beauty sleep before I'm heading for a whole day outing can?

I'm those who once woke up hardly get back to sleep. Much thanx to this guy I had only few hours of sleep or should I take it as a nap. The morning started of with this face ---> :( . Plus body sore and stomach not feeling well. It made me go down, down, down!

* Bare in mind that yours truly don't like to talk much when she is lack of sleep*

Lazying on the couch like a dead body in the living room till the time to get myself prepared.

A little peek of my table still messy shit since the preparation night for sharing session!

Is like finally I wore my new pair of shoes for the very first time .
*bought it for CNY purpose but it couldn't match any of my new clothes.

Coincidently Aunt Wendy came back when I was to go wait for rapid bus. She asked me to drive to the lrt station while yours truly was shocked and nervous. Die die go for it only cause I need to practice more and more. I felt uncomfortable to drive with the new shoes cause normally I wear the one and only pairs of slipper to drive. I know it sounds ridiculous but I just couln't feel how much pedal and break I have stepped on. LMAO I almost drove the car to drain when I did left turning but never turn back my staring back to the right on time. I could still remember my aunt's expression that time.Scared the hell of her* still giggling when I'm typing this

Was half an hour early and waited for the rest to meet up at KL central. When everyone was there, we then queued up to enter the train. Due to the damn slow moving pack crowd, DQ and I didn't get to enter the train on time with the others. Both of the pitties then took another train. Not that bad thou to take another train, we gotto bumped into our coursemates Nyet and Natasha who were heading to Wisma MCA as well.

* cut the crap . Let's see the main person of the day!

Missy Ikan Bilis looked so smart!

Like this picture!
Aunty laughed till the mouth can't shut , while uncle is more to smiling from the heart.

Yours truly with the family.

The bunch teased that I have delayed graduation while the missy protect me by saying " master graduation!"

The missy was so touched to see the bunch make effort to attend her convocation.

Kissy for the missy!
Can you feel love in the air? LOL

Brunch at Sushi King, KLCC for a little gather-celebration.

* Once again , congrats to baby ikan bilis! And you know we heart you. xoxo :D

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