Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When yours truly was about to give up for attending this sharing session, Mel made me a happy girl again after all. She received the invitation as well and she was so willing to gimme a ride.The missy was telling me how excited she was a night before the event. The excitement proven when she actually did a pre-post announce to the whole world about gonna meet up with the celebrity bloggers Audrey Ooi (http://www.fourfeetnine.com), Ringo Tan(http://www.chesserland.com) and Cindy Tey ( http://www.teycindy.com) .Yeap ! You hear me right is the three cute, fashionable and pretty lovelies. I can feel the jealousy in the air now. tee hee*

Mel went to the Hot Air Balloon event in the early morning. The event has delayed to 5pm due to rainy day so she came to my place two hours earlier then the exact plan. We dressed and dolled up ourselves together and looking forward for that event with tons of excitement.We departed at 5.40pm and arrived Sunway Pyramid before 6pm.Since it was still early, the both of us went to have bikini shopping at Topshop hich nearby the venue we were supposed to be. Bumped into Vince and Ysqaure when we were heading to the outlet.

Around 6.15pm, we headed to ...

pic above credit to jackie loi*
a restaurant which named FRAMES to register ourselves for the attendance.

pic above credit to jackie loi*
Everyone was asked to be settled down when the session was ready to start.

The session began with Timothy and nuffies briefly introduced about the history of FRAMES and also the young owners of it.After that, followed by ice- breaking session for us to know others more. We were asked to intro our name, blog url and lastly with " If I have a magic-wand, I will....." when the red polka-dots stick is passed to your hands. Yours truly made the biggest joke out all that night. Embarrassed sial*

pic above credit to jackie loi*
I ended my sentence with the wish of " If I have a magic-wand, I would "like to have Jay Chou as my girlfriend...." It made the whole bunch LOL like hell and this was how the picture above with fugly expression could be captured.Actually I was struggling between to pick either Jay Chou or Bruno Mars for the wish but I went for JC instead. Felt kindda sorry for my husband Bruno Mars. dah lebih ni I know*

Food sharing session!

Seems delicious no? I'm sure you blogders are hungry right now!

Photo session with the celebrity bloggers!

With Audrey Ooi

With Ringo Tan

With Cindy Tey

With Xia Xue, celebrity guest blogger from Singapore.
We were surprised that she appeared for that event!

Group picture with nuffies, new friends and etc.

Happy night!


  1. Hoooo, you betrayed Bruno Mars :P Btw, you don't look fugly in the candid lah (:

  2. ohhh so many ppl so fun... i wish i was there too! :D nice photos of u gal!

  3. Yalor! Jackie caught it at the right moment ;)

  4. nice meeting up with you Sherry! Nice Post!

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  6. i havent meet much famous bloggers leh! hahahaa.. chinese bloggers famous 1 i got lah! hahahaa...