Sunday, April 24, 2011


Right after the Playboy - Play It Lovely. Play It Sexy. Play It Spicy. event at Midvalley, Mel and I went back to pj to pick the bf up and headed to Mist Club, Bangsar for the Axe Tribunal Court.

We were the few of the early birds who arrived the club. Photographers were already stand by there to take pictures of walked in attenders.With the Media passes got from Tony, we just have to register ourselves and received goodie bags before enter.

Since we were the so called Media, the benefit was somehow there. A lady who incharged of the event brought us into the club to have a look around. I don't feel new at all to this place as i used to club there every friday night. It was a feeling of going back to my second home.

Axe goodie bags.

Yours truly . Melissa. Henry

The first picture of we officially as couple.

The bunch of sexy dancing cops ladies.

Yours truly and Iris with the Bruno Mars's hat.

It's been a while I meet up with UFai since CNY.

The crowd was just so so that night.

Anyone can be Bruno Mars with the hats. LOL

Carmen, one of our blogger friends was the only girl contestant and winner of Iphone 4. Congrats!

Had a great catch up with Jason Mraz wannabe before the event ends.


The bf has been seeing me 6 out of 7 days on this week. I think this is just the beginning of being so sticky to each other. Guess sooner or later he will find me bored. Wonder how we and others think about us? hmm...

Remember what cha told me? Guys often look things or incident in an overall pictures, while girls would be more specified in looking through the details. That's why guys often come with a girl assistant to assist them in work.

Wish I could tell you something in details , somehow I don't know what and where to start from. Way to go for we to discover more about each other.Will you hold my hands and lead me to the direction when I'm lost?

It's just the feeling; don't ask me why.

Blogging at 7 am; 25 April -a sleepless night.


  1. Wow, I'm in your post!! LOL!! Love it.

    Hey girl... anything else, you could chat with me!! maybe I don't have those "been thru" like you, so I never think off these when I started my relationship. It havent been 3-4years already and I feels what you feels now. Maybe I'm too late to realise but at least I enjoyed the sticky feel just like you are now. Hoping to get it back but seems hopeless.

    So babe, relax and enjoy!! Love him as much as you do and he'll love you back as return. I believe he will. =]


  2. Looked like a really happening event with the hats and all! :)

    and don't think too much over the relationship. Somehow I always think girls overthink things, just go with the flow and enjoy each other's company, and both of you will turn out fine!

  3. WOW WOW WOW~! Just when i had to be down with chicken pox. unfair. but thats life. =(

  4. Congrats to Kahmon :D

    You guys got VIP or what? hahaha

  5. Just stay in the love and let the river of love flows. I thought of stuff like that too when I started a relationship. Guess thing is getting better for me now and I believe both of you can make it through.. :D