Friday, April 22, 2011

21 APRIL 2011

Received text msgs from the bf asking me to join him to the night market and dinner after his work while I was in pyjmas being a couch potato watching tv in the living room. A workaholic like him still rather spared his precious time with me after whole tiring day; of course being a good gf of his must not reject him. bleuk

Ke lian the bf always work till late night yet didn't have the time to dinner. We reached Wai Sek Kai around 10pm to meet up with Papa Bear, Elwyn and the not sure coming or not Melissa. We were the earliest one who reach there. I ain't eating but to accompany the bf. He likes to share his story of working and what sort of thing he did in his work; well of course I like to listen to him. Some girls might find it boring when the bf keep talking about work, but for me I find it interesting!

Papa bear came after that. The first word blurp out from his mouth was saying me look so scary without my eyebrow. LOL Come on it's just having dinner at hawker stalls , I don't give a damn to whoever who look at me. Then Elwyn came. He looked at me like one kind asking why was I looked so different. He said he is not used to my look without make up. Damn! I must depends to cosmetic to make me look good? When we were almost leave, a random girl walked pass by in front of us. The bf then said the girl and I really look alike. "It's just like your twins!" I wonder is his eyes got prob or is it the time for me to get a new pair of spec.bleuk

Second round , we went to Tim Pan Kor Kor to have dessert as suggested by papa bear. Melissa then came to join us. The bunch were there discussing about the paid advertorial writing posted by Tony kor kor. Papa bear and the bf each have 3 and 4 page rank over 10; yours truly got 0. Laugh die me* So ya, I didn't get the chance to write for it. :(

Sweet sweet dessert for the night:



Papa bear's

The bf's


The bf said something sweet that night.
He promised to love me more each day.

The gf don't sweet talk usually.
She felt the sweetness in her heart.


  1. Elwyn didn't eat la that day. lolz!

  2. I eat the pudding and . . . the egg dessert LOL

  3. Em, papa bear would be kian fai right? :) hey what do you mean by no eyebrows? o.O

  4. I like the ending (: Sweet sweeeeeeet, never knew henry so romantic one hee

  5. it's really sweet :) wish u both happy always!