Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A very good morning to my dear blogders,

I'm up at this hour to be exact the time now is 6.57am. Just almost finished watching Rapunzel with the Bestie two hours ago and before the ending the movie got hanged. The Bestie so called accompanied me for the movie while having sleeping beauty's dreamland. Caught some sleep and woke up early to sent off the Bestie to work.

The noise from the mamak behind my house were preparing to start their daily business, churpping from the birds and mummy just woke up. All in once hardly get me back to sleep so I decided to update my blog instead. The Bestie got me a purple coke glass as the family members had McD quite often for that week itself so I could give it to my beloved sister and pass it to her bf since I grabbed the pink one from previous delivery.

Back to the main topic of this post. It was about sudden call to go watch Insidious with few of the buddies. While they were planning and tweeting, I went to have my tuition class. After class, Mel told me that Mr. Elwyn will be coming to pick me up in a while. Rushed the hell of me to get myself ready for the outing.

Dressed casually due to the warm weather ruined my mood

Headed to Midvalley to catch 9.15pm show . Along way there was a little jammed due to after work traffic but Mr. Elwyn managed to use another road to avoid from it.

Bought 5 tickets ; third row from the screen.

Then dinner at Carl's Jr as the bunch were craving so badly for it.

Melissa Newton with her always innocent look.

Mr.Elwyn with his formal look.

Yours truly with her heavy eye-bags. ZMOG!

Wonder who were the other 2 who joined us for movie? It was Snoopy a.k.a Michelle and Mel's friend -Han. He was damn funny when Mel intro me to him. He said he knows me. We were shocked for a second. Then Mel and I asked how he knows me. " I saw her from Facebook". he replied. swt~

Comment : Sound effects speak louder than actions.
Rates : 4/10

A picture of the ladies after movie by Mr.Elwyn.

Spotted Snoopy with her Snoopy's top.

Heading out soon. Toodles!
Between, Happy happy June! :)


  1. Why so formal call me Mr Elwyn ? ? ?

  2. Btw, how old are u ? how come u said you got tuition? You look like a college student to me..

  3. wa elwyn good at avoiding jams ^^ love your casual looks pretty~

  4. hello, visiting your blog over here... i'm a new blogger in town. ^^ you have a nice blog. btw, i watched Insidious too. I think it's a not a bad horror movie with the sound effect that keep scaring me throughout the whole show. :P

  5. insidious very nice. watched it some times ago. real nice.

  6. Damn scary movie, isn't it??

    Anyway, I like the way you say Mel's innocent look!! LMAO... she really have the look!. =D

  7. I heard that movie was scary :O btw, I like yr look of the day and why isnt elwyn posing with his usual open mouth rawr pose? HAHA

  8. I never watch scary movie in cinema *very chicken* :P

  9. Agree with bendan. Woots i have the innocent look. Loving my caption <3

  10. looks like an awesome movie outing. Sorry couldnt join that night, can't remember why though.