Thursday, June 2, 2011


On 31st May ,

marked down a significant date between my dear papa and mama cause it's their anniversary day. The night before went movie with the buddies and found out that Baskin Robbins will be having promotion for ice cream cake on the next day so I was thinking to get one for my parents but end up didn't make it. Daddy kept mentioning KFC the night before and it was like hinting us on something. We wondered why he repeating that several times. Then he plurked out " It's your mom and mine married anniversary tomorrow!" And he knows that mummy always like to have KFC. How sweet of him !

The family tradition when comes to celebration of big days we will just go for fast food. Simple yet warmed family get together!On that day itself, mummy cooked tomyam mee hoon and the sister went and buy KFC home after her work. Before the dinner starts, I asked daddy and mummy to dress up a little cause we are gonna have photo session for the memorable day!

Sister (Elva) was drooling before the dinner starts !

Our lovely papa and mama. :)

Close up ! Both of them look so happy in this picture.

Sister with mummy and daddy.

My turn to have picture with them.

Finally, a family picture. cheers~

Mostly people said I look like father while sister look more like mother. What says you? Nevertheless , I think four of us do look alike ! :D

Once again...
Happy Anniversary to my dad and mom!

Sher and Elva


  1. Happy Anniversary to your papa & mama :D

  2. Happy Anniversary! Lovely family :)

  3. Happy anniversary to sherry's dad and mummy! (:

  4. I'll always remember their anniversary!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    Hmm~ only 2girls in the house?? You're the eldest??

    Teehee, btw, Happy Anniversary to uncle and aunty!! Happy always ya!!

  5. I see you have a new look for your blog! :)
    Happie Anniversary to yr dearest mummy and daddy!

  6. happy anni to your mum and dad from me too! Hmm, i feel so guilty that I don't know when's my parent's anniversary. Shall ask them whem I'm down penang this weekend

  7. Happy anniversary to your mommy and daddy oh =D~

    Lol Isaac, I also don't know my parent's anniversary