Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dear Mr.Sunny, you have been doing your job damn well in spreading your tempered to the earthlings. We felt your love more than enough! It's time to let the rain play its part since it has already rested for quite some time.

Yours truly have been sick for almost a week yet still have not recover. Air-condition in my room is on almost 24 hrs a day. Sorry for the electricity bill, your daughter just could't bare with the heat no longer anymore.

Got to met up with my new tuition student , Kah Xuan yesterday for the first time. She was so smart and adorable. She wasn't afraid of strangers at all. She gave me a big smile while holding her milk bottle and say "Hello!" Her mummy popped up a first question " How old are you actually?" I replied " 24". And she said " Oh , you don't seem like one. You look so young."


Mummy poodle , Bibi had give birth to four little baby poodle. One male and three females. The cousin decided to give one of the females to us. Mummy agreed. So yeah, it's time to think of a pretty name for the coming soon female baby poodle. Any suggestion from my dear blogders?

Few names that I thought of:
( a ) Coco
( b ) Qiqi
( c ) Kiki

Wanted to have more funky names such as " Player " and " Rebound ". Come to think, it' s kindda hard for old people to pronounce. Therefore, make it simple and easy to remember. Human don't like being called wrongly for their names neither do animals okay!

Till then,
stay tuned for more updates!