Wednesday, May 4, 2011


One fine day, while yours truly was having nap in the afternoon; suddenly an anonymous number called for twice. Usually , I don't pick up number that isn't on my contact list. Suddenly from nowhere, it came across my mind that the number might be from Nuffnang office. I quickly went to my laptop and log in to that page. It is!!! So I immediately return back the call. Ms.Thara was the one on the line when I called. She brought me a good news that yours truly was chosen to join the Playboy new launch fragrance for women in Midvalley. Without considering much , I decided to grab this opportunity to meet up with new faces. Moreover, this was the first time I was invited by Nuffnang for an event. It makes me damn excited!

On the exact day , Mel picked me up and headed to the mall together. We were the earliest bloggers who reached there. Kindda blur and lost since we didn't see any signs asking bloggers to register for the event. In my heart, I had a count that it would be some sort of competition going on. That's why they invited a bunch of us.

Playboy : Play It lovely. Play It Sexy . Play It Spicy

The event held at Center Court, Midvalley.

Games for public.

A luxury car displayed which caught everyone's attention.

It's all about the promotion.

Three in one fragrances in a lovely pink box.

Play It Lovely.

Play It Spicy.

Bunny Mel & Sher.

The bloggers were required to present catwalk and stand next to the theme doll with " Best dress" or " Playboy fragrance " according to the dressing we wore that day.Firstly, I was being asked if i was nevous. "yes I am". Of course question would definitely pop out asking why you choose that theme. My answer" Because I think i fulfilled the theme for today which is Play It Lovely. Sexy and Spicy! :)The emcee will then ask us the reason why we pick that theme. After that, he will hand us a small case we paper notes. Those participated bloggers have to pick one and answer the question.

The question yours truly picked was " What is the thing can make you feel sexy and beautiful?" My reply was" Confident!". When a person is confident , she will feel comfortable without make up and also present sexy and beautiful in the public. He then ask me so do u think yourself sexy? The thick face me replied " I think I am! " :D

The bunch of participated bloggers, mostly were GPlus. Mel and I were lucky to be part of it.

Posed in front of the luxury car. Passer by thought that it was some sort of pageant's compaetition. Camera flashes everywhere as though we are rock star of celebrities.

Free gift from the event. How lovely no?

Thanx to Nuffang! :)


  1. You do look cute in those bunny ears! XD

  2. lol well I wanted to say again, you look great there too =P

    so luck of you =P

    nice the free gift? is perfume right?

  3. NN, Y U NO call me? HAHA jkjk I want those fragrance, share can? :P

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