Thursday, May 26, 2011


A chain with my name on from YY...

Besides the name Sherry, what else do you really know about this girl?

Petite in physical . Born to write . Spoiled kid with princessy attitude . Dare in expressing feelings . Dependent . Fashion is her passion . Doll up for good mood . Attention seeker . Mood swing easily .Music to ease her ears . Red her favorite color. Choosy in food . Strong jealousy . Selfish .Scared to be alone . Bored being couch potatoes . Psycho at times . Impatient . Kids lover . Anti pets . hot and cold . Slow warmed with new faces . Compliments for confidence . Dislike being ignored . Have problem in socializing .Difficulty in finding size 3.5 shoes . Thriller movies . Dancing . Party .Travel . Reading . Sms to sleep . Hanging out in bunch .Looking forward to meet her Mr. Right . Wish the world end faster sometimes .

I don't really know who am i actually.
I know I have not been good in playing my roles.
I'm learning to be a better person starting tomorrow.
Holding with the motto -
" treat others good, others will treat you back the same."

" Good or bad experiences influence who you are today. Grow up with the pass.. When you were to look back one day, you will find how silly you were , BUT it's alright, at least you know you have change to a person that you and everyone accept. "


  1. grow up with the 'past'... change to a person that you and everyone accept, it's good that you are realizing it. All the best...

  2. Who know who you are, as long as you smile always, is good enough :) LOL omg . . . Cheer up leh

  3. nice one.. 3.5 shoe size! no wonder you said it is difficulty to find :)

  4. Nice self reflection.. lets look forward to a greater you Sherry!

  5. WOW! the way you take the photo is awesome!!!