Tuesday, May 24, 2011


On 20 March 2011 ,

That night,the dead body of mine wanted to escape from the house so badly to at least go out have a some fresh air. I couldn't bare with staying at home being a couch potato for the whole day what's more it was FLYDAY! When yours truly was headache work out for a plan, cousin Annie send me a text as though she knows that I was almost dying from boredom.

Barsonic was the place she tagged me along to. She warned me that the music might be different from what we used to have in club. I had been to that place before so I know what she meant by that. The music would probably sound kindda off for dancing. But who cares? All I wanna do was to get out of the house.

Transportation was a problem for me at first but Annie managed to get his friend Kevin kindly to gimme a ride. They reached my place around 9.30pm to picked the missy up. Everyone were teasing Annie about how far is her place -Kuala Selangor to Petaling Jaya.In fact, her area is still under PJ but further down more would reach K. Selangor which take 2 hours. LMAO

We headed to Kelana Jaya right after that to have our dinner. My tummy was drooling even before they come and picked me. Btw, we had steamboat. I was surprised to see so many of them in the room once I entered. I felt kindda awkward and embarrassed meeting up with new faces. I thought they are all younger than me from the first glance, nevertheless we are all same age or a year different.

After dinner, we went back to Kevin's house to get Ewen's wallet which he left it in his car . When everything settled, everyone especially Ewen were excitedly heading forward to the club. The girls were getting sleepy in the car cause it was almost 12 am only we reached there with the help of GPS. As usual, girls always had to get their identity card checked before enter. Wuliao* We know we look young :P

The guys then get beers for we girls and few jugs of Long Island to share. After I finished the first bottle of beer, Ju Jin popped up a question asking me if I'm an alcoholic. Oh come on! Do I look like one? haha

The bunch of us.
credit the pictures above to Nyon Xhi*

The music was a total off in Barsonic. Everyone of us were sitting there doing nothing at first. Till the Mr.Arvin started his move to show off his dance and there's where the hype came in.

Nice candid by Kevin.

Sweetest smiles from the ladies.

Beer cause yours truly spiced up with the stupid peace look.

Kevin , the sober one hided himself in a corner to cool down. :P

Spotted two walking red tomatoes in the club.

All sort of signs in this picture . Moo ( Arvin ), Peace ( Ewen and Chou ), Loser ( Alvina and Ju Jin ), Muka Cabbage ( Kevin ) and yours truly still holding her beer.wtf

I misheard his name frm Chou to Charles.

Mr. Arvin Raj!

Ewen and the epic Kevin become the photo boom behind us and Jo on the very right.

Ju Jin the shorty ; thought they were calling Annie as shorty at first.

Bumped into highschool mates Sook Ping and Mary who knows Ju Jin as well. What a small world!

Lovely cousin Annie.

In between, the bunch did went to main room and velvet for better music since after 2am the bouncer were not gonna check before enter any rooms. Velvet really cheered the bunch up with the songs played by one of my favourite Dj Ken. Awesome! That was the time when all of us really get down the floor to dance.

The night ended with yum cha session at NZ. Gotto know the bunch's other friends. They were all nice people to chat and joke with. They even talked about secondary school time story. It was like time flies and some sort telling me they missed school and college life already. I do miss schooling time where I could be so free and lost with my naive thingking but it's time to grow up.

All the best to Ju Jin and Chou who further studies in US for 5 months.
See ya all soon! :)


  1. I'm young too, hope to have fun!! =D
    I've long time not gather with my friend already. =[

  2. Haha, you're really a girl that can't sit still at home.. Glad that finally you have escape from boredom and have lotsa fun! XD