Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's been a while since the foursome gather again. But, when comes to one of the girls' birthday; there are no excuse to not meet up for pre or post celebration. While for the exact day will be given to the bfs to prove their efforts.

Dolled up myself after back from tuition class.

Suet Dear's bf came and picked Eunice and I to meet up with Missy Evon at Time Square. I suggested to have dinner at Levain which is nearby. The girls thought the restaurant is in the mall itself. Communication problem between Eunice and Evon* Due to the time and to avoid the jam, we ended up eating dinner at Gasoline. The humorous Eunice always have something with pronunciation; she named it as Gas Online. LMAO

The menu looks like.

Drinks which come with dinner sets.



Suet dear's


Usually I don't comment on food cause I'm not that pro in food tasting. However , this time I would like voice out a little. The food portions were very little as though they were served for kecikmeow. Plus, the ingredients' combination were sort of weird and the food was cold served. What's more with the service. Totally speechless! The bestest ever service the waitress and waiters provided was greeting " Welcome" and " Thank You". swt

Evon got stomachache after having the food there. Terrible weih!

Window shopping till the time for movie -Something Borrowed.

Threesome find the movie was just okay, yours truly like it tho!

Grabbed myself a new dress from Fashion Walk!