Monday, May 2, 2011


Often came across blogs that mentioned about Hennessy Artistry happening event every year. Yours truly get to join this huge party with the bunch cause of the bf was one of the luckies who were selected from the fb registration.

Dear Iris and I were effing excited for the night to come since this was the first time we are gonna attend HA. We even went for dress shopping together to make sure we look hot and sexy that night.

Henessy Artistry was held in Opera, Sunway for KL session.The bf came and picked me up around 6.30pm then we headed to Sunway Pyramid. Had our dinner at Burger King, the nearest place where we could get to eat since my heels were killing me.

The bf claimed that my heels like Uncle McDonalds's shoes cause it's size 5 when yours truly supposed to wear size 3 1/2.

The crowd wasn't that packed when the time we entered the club cause as usual Malaysian's timing is always late better than absent right? Tony, WiLee, Iris , bf and I were the eraly birds among our bunch.

Iris dear looked gorgeous with the black dress. Doesn't she?

The bf with monkey's expression looking at his shorty. LMAO

Tony kor kor first time didn't look tipsy with his red face in this clubbing picture.

The HA stage with Dj spinning.

Bumped into Mr.Wangster while I was going to the washroom.

Bumped into unimates MookHen and Jimmy as well . :)

Took picture with the bunch while drinking at my unimates's table which nearby the entrance.

Yours truly. Pennie. Shii Teck. Baboon. Iris

Jun Fook who is leaving KL soon for his internship training.

Hen/Sher-ry and the man Isaac.

Jess whom I know from Playboy event last week.

Tony's date , WiLee.

Live band performance; Wangster's favourite.

Missy lovely Jessy

The bf always like to look nerdy with his so called spec without lens, so this time let the gf be once.

The free flow ended quite early that night around 11pm. The sober Carmen suggested to open bottle, the bunch refused to go on. The night ended with lotsa dramatic scenes such as Janice went drunk, Isaac forgot where he parked his car, Tony lost his car key.

Yours truly was being a good girl that night as the bf had asked me not to drink so much . If not he will then fetch me home first after I drunk , and he will then join back the party after drop me home.

Bf kesayangan ku , since I behave so well that night... Must bring me to club more often next time!

Though the alcohol wasn't much to hype the night,I did enjoy the night with the awesome music and with the fellow bloggers and friends.

We party like a Hennesy Star cause we love Hennesey. Yeah!


  1. Party like a star Sherry! XD wahaha, pity it ended the way it did. But there'll be next time !

  2. You look great in that dress! :D

  3. Feels bad when look at these photos... I really feels like going but someone refuse to go with me. T,T

  4. OMG! beautiful shoes!!! bet you had a great time in 'em :D

  5. You sure know how to rock a party like a party queen! (: and you wear a size 3 and a half shoes? Why yr feet so small one heee

  6. haha sherry, you got a great smile in there! =D

  7. Ohhh! Wish i knew u then! ;p
    Nice meeting you at the Topshop preview justn ow!