Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm kindda judge a book by its cover when comes to choice of movies. The decision of watching it or not mostly go accordingly to the poster. It doesn't make sense but ya this is the weird side of yours truly.

The classic color of the poster just my thing.

Tagged Mel along to go for this movie. She asked one of his friends Han to join us. I couldn't book online so the gentlemen did his job; go there early to queue for the movie tickets.

The ladies had the crave for BBQ Plaza. Since Han was already there, Mel asked him to reserved seats before we arrived. We ordered family set for the dinner. Thought the portion was lots but we did finished every single piece in the set. Bravo us!

Thanx to Shii Teck for helping us to get the promotion deal on for RM 20. We are so gonna have BBQ Plaza again. Can't wait!

Elwyn and Snoopy then came and help us took this picture.

About the movie..
It was damn bored. I only like the part where Julie act in theater. Classics dressing and make up! Mel fell asleep for the first 30 minute. A damn slow movie which took 2 hours plus. It will only works well when insomnia hits you.The rest went speechless after movie. No wonder the hall was not even half reserved.

The idea of vintage dressing makes me look like a pregnant women. Elwyn said so! Roar you...


  1. You don't look like a pregnant woman la aiyoyoyo...

  2. LOLx~ kind of funny reading the statement in your 5th picture. "WARNING: FIRE DRAGON INSIDE!!"