Friday, June 17, 2011


Date : 11 June 2011
Time : 7pm
Venue : Artista Bar & Restaurant ( Tropicana Mall )

Coincidentally, saw Nuffnang tweeted about Green Lantern Contest. My itchy hand just couldn't resist to try my luck again by completing the sentence in twitter. Kindda surprised that my tweet was chosen to attend the premiere screening party.

In the afternoon, drove to Jaya One with mummy and dropped by KDU a while for the bazzar. After that rushed back home to get ready to the event.Since the movie title says it all for the color theme, so I must go Green as well. My date for the party was Cherry, form 6 junior.

Green top from Cotton On
Skirt & Sling bag from Time Square
Green heels from Vincci

Collected the glow in darn bracelet as an invited guests. Tony and Jia Yeen were the early birds. Cherry and I went to the cinema counter to check out some movies. Unfortunately, all left first or second rows. Kindda disappointed.

Movie merchandises all in Green!

Group picture with the bunch of bloggers before the party starts. Spot the superhero!

Cherry & Sherry

Live band before and after the party.

Participants Q&A session in order to win the merchandises.

Picture with Green super hero & heroin?

How creative is the idea to use the recycle bag as their attire no?

Jia Yeen and I

Camwhored with the powerful ring. Benjamin , I want the ring!!!!

Met Komiko for the very first time.

The late comers yeeing and Jasmine.

Familiar faces.

Had fast food for dinner in some random restaurant. Girl's talk was superb that night.

Hoping for more events from Nuffnang! :)


  1. long time din see jia yeen.. She is back active in bloggers events!

  2. Nice event XD at least there was food! Wahaha, i love places where they provide food for my stomach :P