Sunday, July 3, 2011


To stand a chance to win 2 pairs of movie tickets to two movies. All you have to do is to follow the following terms and conditions ( in the numbers order ) :

1. Explain this post is to win movie tickets

2. Insert the poster of Larry Crowne
3. Insert youtube video of the trailer
4 Answer this question " If you could get a chance, what would you have done differently in highschool?"

5.Insert the poster of Lulla Man
6. Insert youtube video of the trailer
7. Answer this question. " How do u rekindle a dying relationship?"

Submit your entry to by including your blogpost link.

Larry Crowne screening : 13th July at 9.30pm, Cathay Cineples e@Curve
Lulla Man screening : 19th July at 9.30pm, Cathay Cineplex e@Curve

Tiket collection time : 8pm ( first come first serve for better seating )

Larry Crowne acts by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts

Check out bits of Larry Crowne.

If you could get a chance, what would you have done differently in highschool?"

I would join the most popular club in school which is the cheerleading. Cheerleaders are often dream girls to guys during highschool. They are hot and sexy with their attires and performance on, of course I wanna be the center of attention! Besides the popularity, I also conquer well in my studies on the other hand. Looks plus intelligence would increase the attractiveness more to brainwashed negative perception like "Hot chic normally no brains".BUT I'm gonna date a geeky guy instead. The reason I do so cause I don't wanna feed those so called gorgeous looking one 's ego that they always get the popular girls easily. It doesn't work that way in reality. Sincerity and concern are the matters that counts after all.

Lulla Man , Thai movie.

Check out bits of Lulla Man.

How do you rekindle a dying relationship?

Actually I won't do much to rekindle a dying relationship since it's DYING and sooner or later it will be dead.On the other hand, I will play psychology game with my partner instead,apply cat and strings theory in the relationship. When he/she doesn't give a damn and pay no attention on you anymore, just let it be. The more you chase after her/him will only feed their ego cause they know you still need them so much. Sometimes the more you care, you wouldn't get the result you want. However, the least you bother , things might turn smooth its way naturally.Rather be the strings to hold the cat, instead of being the cat to go for the string.

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