Monday, July 4, 2011


The bazaar was held a week back at Jaya One. It was the second time I went for bazaar. I always wanna tag Eunice along but she has a very negative perception that bazaar is something like market cause the slang similar to ba sa ( in mandarin ). She is weird no?

We went for movie a night before and she told me about she is recently checking out a fashionista blog. She has married yet still can always dress up herself with trendy styles. That's really make her envy. From the conversation itself, I brought how interesting bazaar is.

There she decided to go with me for a look. We met up at 3.30pm after her work and my tuition class. The bazaar started at 11am-7pm. I have the thought that by the time we reach there , some of the nice things would be sold out.

This time the bazaar was quite happening. Online blogshops were brought into stalls where we girls could see, touch , try on the attires. Many celebrities showed up such as Henry Golding, Zher, and some ntv7 crews. Bumped into few highschool mates and Anne from Nuffnang.

This was the one an only dress I bought.

I named it the baby napkin dress. :)


  1. lol, baby napkin dress? Why that name? o.O
    Looked like a nice place to shop.