Thursday, July 28, 2011


One word best describe myself ? It would be none other than S..H.O.P.A.H.O.L.I.C ! This particular position plays a very significant role in improving the economic status in our country. Shopaholics could categorized into two different types which is the physically and mentally.

Physically type mean shoppers have to get themselves to the malls in person just so they could do their shopping in action. The disadvantages of physically shopping are there to be seen. Come to count of it, the difficulty to search for parking space especially when comes to weekends and public holidays.The crowd that fill up the mall where you could only see people everywhere but hardly see item for sales. What's more sickening when you have to squeeze yourself into the shops just to have an eye on what's on sales or do purchase. The most I dislike is when you wanted to have a look on the items yet the sales girl keep following behind as though I will steal their things.

To prevent all this hectic and unhappy situations while having shopping sprees, mentally shopping is here to save us from the pain. What I meant here for mentally shopping is also known as online purchase. Smart or advanced people like yours truly would rather let my butt stick on the chair and face the laptop to do shopping with only few clicks. The procedure might take few days to receive your parcel order but it is definitely worth for the time waiting unless you want the item urgently.

One of my most memorable experience buying online is from a lingerie blogshop with the URL . The objective of this blogshop is to provide gorgeous inner wears for the ladies. Ladies should treat themselves as the precious one just like princess even they are asleep. A pretty and comfy lingerie could make the night!

Ever came across where you wanna buy something but you feel embarrassed to bring the item to the payment counter? Cause the things you were to purchase might create an impression or a weird look from the cashier. Lingerie is one of the best examples for this situation. To get rid of this situation, you could purchase from online blogshop. All you have to do is just select the item that you wanna purchase and send your details to the seller then bank it that's it. The seller wouldn't know how is the purchaser look like by just giving their personal details.

What I like the most about Princesslicious World is that you will receive your parcel order on the next day itself if you bank in before 2pm on that day you do order. Besides that, we purchaser often worried to do purchase online due to the quality, color, price and etc. Fret not, cause this site provided friendly management and service by chatting on the chat box on the site with their customer about any enquirers. Plus, they always keep their customers update with the new stock arrival. (1) Good quality (2) friendly service (3) affordable price (4) speedy delivery . It's absolutely a recommended site to shop for lingeries!

This was the lingerie I bought. Me likey!

The seller did text me the next day to make sure if I had received the parcel. How responsible of her to do so. Till today, we still keep in touch just like friends on Msn and Facebook. This prove that from online purchasing , we could make new friends as well. So far, I could say it was definitely a satisfy experience unlike others always have negative comments about purchasing online. I guess it is all about luck saying on finding a trustworthy online shopping site.

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  1. Woa... you bought that sexy lingerie?? *nose bleeding*

  2. Nice write up! All the best and good luck (: