Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last Friday night, attended a Chinese Magazine,Jessica launched at Publika Solaris Dutamas. It took effing an hour to reach the venue due to the slow moving traffic.

Registration stands where name cards were required. I think it's time to make myself name cards specify as blogger since I often get the opportunities to join events and meet up with new faces.

The first familiar face I bumped into that night was TianChad. He was assisting one of the photographers,Nigel in photo-shooting and video recording for the event. Attenders were invited to take pictures on a background with Jessica wording before proceed to the party.All flashes on us as though we were the celebrities.

What attracted my attention most was the big eyes dollies displaced.

Creative designs which impressed all the comers.

Besides that, they were all local celebrities everywhere in the party. I only know the faces but not names therefore I didn't dare to approach them for pictures. How sad!

Winnie Loo, the founder of A Cut Above.

Yise, talented song writer, singer & actress.

Amber Chia, Malaysian's Top Model.

Jessica Magazine look like.

The party kick off with fashion show present.

I left right after the fashion show to catch up Juice Nineties party at G6, The Garden. Was so lost at first when entered the club cause we know no one and that was my first time there. Bumped into some familiar faces again while searching for seats.

Richard Teo. That was our second time meet up yet he was still in yellow. Adik, it's time to add on some new colors!

Coreen . Kelvin and friend. The girl won free flights from lucky draws to Phukets sponsored by Air Asia. I should have went there earlier who knows I might be the one holding the envelopes instead.

Rebecca. Yours truly. Serene & friend.

New met friend. Max Choong, the writer of Juice magazine. He came and approach us when we were dancing on the stage.He even walked us to the car park when we were to leave. Gentleman yea!

Courtesy of Serene dear, yours truly got to be part of these happening event. Thank you so much!


  1. wow so busy ar you :P rush here and there 1? anyways nice sharing with you and the photo of some cool people in town XD

  2. Woaaa... the event looks cool. ^u^ get to snap photo with those actors and models somemore.

  3. awesome with all the celebrities and all! :)

  4. I went but you were not there yet T___T

  5. You took photo with Amber Chia! WOWWW, she's still hot. Btw, I like yr dress (:

  6. wow... i rally hope 1 day i can join this type or party! i think is soooo cool man! hahahaa...

  7. i wore that shirt because of the words. haha!