Monday, July 4, 2011


With the courtesy of Chevrolet , yours truly get to watch the movie before anyone else. I was being informed few hours before on the exact day itself that I have won the tickets through Twitter contest. It was kindda last minute but how can I missed the precious opportunity. Took effing quick speed to doll up myself and headed to the mall half an hour before the passes collection time.

Along the way to Midvalley was jam, still I managed to show up at the ticket collection counter on time. The person incharge need us to tweet mentioning the movie under courtesy of Chevrolet. Yours truly was so rush till she couldn't even breath and couldn't log in her Twitter account. Luckily the girls still let me have the passes though I did not fulfill requirement to tweet about. If not I will cry like a baby begging for the passes.

The passes .

come along with a goodie bag which included new launch car brochure and a mug.

About the movie...
-Although it was in 3D, all I could see is only the subtitle got the effects. Dizzy sial!
- Rosie Huntington Whitely was for eye-candy in the movie. She is hot but actress is so not her thing.
- The autobots fighting scenes in the beginning might increase audinces' excitement but for the almost ending part was kindda too much . It 's turned off the mood.
- Lastly, Carly ran over to Sam when they were save from the war was dramatic. The kissing scene in the end is just to ease the eyes of audience I guess.

Overall : 5/10

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  1. haha goodie bag got mug? :P

    and the ending I think it was like Romance of the Three Kingdom lol