Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I always have the warmth feeling when listen to different races in Malaysia sing with their mother tongue language in a song. It sounds so nice and unique where different languages and skin colors could gather to make use of their power to present the music video in such amazing way. A very good song example would be Expired Rubbish sing by Da.Mon.Ster , Danny Wan production.

In conjunction with merdeka day, a remixed Malaysian version of the popular Kanye West and Estelle song American Boy has specifically composed. The video shows on a journey of this beautiful country, from rural to urban, across different landscapes and people.The strong connection between Malaysians of different races and cultures convey a single message of united we stand.

The outcome of the music video is impressive though they were only given a very short timeline of ten days to pitch up a complete one from shooting, editing and putting it on air on the eve of Merdeka Day. It seems impossible to acomplish the task but with well production planning and great team work, the team were successfully delivered a real sincere gift to all Malaysian for the celebration of 54th.


Creative Director/ Supervising Director : Abid Hussain
Director: Kang
Producer & Editor : Joey Lim
Associate Producer: Emily
D.O.P: Nick Lee
Post Production : VHQ
Production House: Barry Gladmore
Graphic Supervision : Martin and Shin
Production Supervisor : Puthina
Copyright : Astro , Malaysia


  1. This is terrific....Happy Merdeka

  2. interesting. Thanks for the share Sherry!

  3. hi, i love this song so much. eager to have the u have any source of it?
    btw, happy merdeka. we are 54 already and so proud to be MALAYSIAN. :)

  4. I read about the Malaysia boy video in yesterday's newspaper :D Such an awesome piece!

  5. Hey Sherry, thks for dropping by Luxury Haven & sharing this clip! Love it! I'm following u now & hope u'll do the same. Have a wonderful week!