Thursday, September 1, 2011


Knock !Knock! You might think this is a post regarding some haunted room or hotel/motel whatever so blogpost referring to the title. Actually, it was a new online blogshop that I discovered under Fashionista 1011 site. Pretty cool yet inspiring pictures were taken to make the boutique look attractive! Besides, the outfits sell are so different from the other blogshop as we normally visit.

There are the few piece that I tempt to buy after I got my salary. Without stepping out the house , yet I could spend quite some money while doing online shopping. Moreover, I've learned the banking system to bank in cash to account now. It would encourage my money flow out more often. Ladies are always ladies! How could I resist nice and adorable things that I see?

Showing some nice piece that up to my weird taste bud.



1# Long Sleeve Clown Print Tee

2#Transparent Oversize Color Blouse

3# Vertical Stripe Asymmetric Top


  1. I like the second one! So colourful!

  2. em, can't say i like those, coz I don't really have an eye for fashion. Thanks for sharing though. Now I know whats room Eleven :)