Sunday, August 7, 2011


Checked in to Grand Margarita Hotel, Kuching ( three rated stars ) sponsored by Heineken.It didn't look grand from the building itself but inside was beyond what I expected. Received an envelope for room entrance cards which stated Mr. instead of Ms. Fam. Wtf#

Not bad right?

Thought could get my eyes rest for at least half an hour before heading out again. But, Mel insisted to continue the outing after we get ourselves changed. Emmanuel was our tour guide for F.O.C!

Khatulistiwa Bar & Restaurant which nearby the hotel.

History written on the floor.

waterfront which is along the street.

The long tikus looked alike kucings.

A yellow perahu which displayed in front of a restaurant. Random#

You will never thought this white building is a post office. Historical #

This both batu panjang is so meant for Mel and I in terms of the height. I know right#

Gallery museum. Forgot what was it called#

Drawings gallery.

Temple looked-alike . Not even the tour guide know what's it#

A classic restaurant which sell delicious kuih muih. And also not forget the sincere & kind uncle boss. :)

The varieties. yummilicious#

Saw a little boy playing with this when we were on our way back. Interesting #

Do u know how much Pak Cik Perahu earn per passenger? It's only 30cent. Pity them #

Next post will be direct to the PARTY. Stay tuned!