Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Monday morning, received a phone call from Red FM informing that I have won two passes to go watch The Reef. I was just awake and didn't really heard which movie was it till I commented on Red FM's Facebook page for its reply. I didn't really remember that I joined this contest between.

The excitement didn't just ended there. I downloaded a software to listen Red Fm online right after the call. They were giving out 4 passes to go watch Horrible Bosses for the 9th sms-er who get through. I quickly grabbed my phone and register before I send the cue out.

Guess what? Yours truly was the lucky 9! The Dj wants me to scream as though I was damn excited of winning the passes but I failed to do so.She decided to ask me said something like " I can't wait to watch the movie. I love Red Fm!" Instead of Red , I dismentioned to Fly Fm. The Dj gone " This is bad." FML

Collected tickets at 8.15pm.

Venue: TGV, Sunway Pyramid
Time: 9pm
Seats: Free
Date: Cherry

The Story

Kate, her brother Matt and his girlfriend Suzie arrive at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to meet up with Kate’s ex-lover Luke. Luke and his friend Warren deliver boats round the world for a living. Luke’s offered to take his three friends sailing for a week on a boat he has to deliver to Indonesia. On the water Kate and Luke’s relationship starts to reignite but it’s fraught with old conflicts. Dawn, the next day. Suddenly the boat flips. There is a frantic struggle to save themselves and get on to the overturned hull. On top of the hull they see that the keel has been ripped away.

Assessing the situation Luke decides their best chance for survival is to swim for a nearby island. Should they swim or should they stay? One of them refuses to go whilst the other four decide to try and make the island. As they swim they become aware that they are being stalked by a huge shark. Based on true events, THE REEF is a tense survival thriller that begs the question, what would I do in this situation?

The movie is more like a self-recording kindda video. The camera angle and scene changing was a big failure to capture the beautiful sea and surrounding. Conversation dialogue repetition and scene of they found out there were shark went after them was no surprised at all. The shark eaten human scene was so not exciting cause couldn't really see what's going on under the water. Worse part was the ending that only came out with few sentence saying the only girl who survive got saved. It's simply and effortless movie.

Date's opinion :
I will never go to the sea after I watched this movie. It's so scary and dangerous!

* My arm was being grabbed by her when the scene showing the shark gonna attack the human.It's blueblack now!

Rate : 4/10


  1. HAHA yr friend is even more ganas than the shark :P

  2. u mentioned fly fm instead of red? Was it on air?? :O


  3. U went there too? haha...with Jayden them? I saw Jayden and his cousin only. This movie really bad lo....haiz...!!