Tuesday, August 30, 2011


On 27th August 2011 Saturday evening, yours truly was very glad enough to be invited to the True Voice Concert at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands by Jane. Lucky her know the organizer of Star Galaxy; therefore we get to attend the concert with VIP passes which cost RM350 each. A hotel room was even provided for us free just to incase we were to overnight. Cool not?

The powerful drift Jane picked me up at 6.45pm and drove up to hill for 8pm concert. She is the most daring girl that I ever seen to drive with one hand all the while in the journey. Being a friend of her, I wasn't scared of her speedy skill at all however it was a norm to me already.And I missed the chance to attend Loud Festival to watch Jay Chou performed cause I was sick and didn't pick up her call. So unfortunate!

With her terror driving skill, we arrived destination before the concert starts. Weather up hill was freezing cold when the time we were there. Being a good girl, I listened to mummy to add on a pair of leggings instead of just a long dress to keep me warm a little. The parking lots were fully reserved so we simply parked whichever a place in the lots.

We entered the hall with Official passes with a person incharge guided us to our seat. Saw lotsa local celebrities and some political people at the entrance. It could consider quite a huge and happening concert with full house. Our seating was placed at the front fifth row from the stage.It started right exactly at 8pm. Good organize and management!

1# Tiger & Xiao Huang Chi True Voice Concert

2# The seating row in front of us was VE

3# Yours truly & Jane dear

4# Need not dancers and packaging,

5# it was all about the True Voice!

6# Though he couldn't see but he is so positive in everything he do.

7# He could play saxophone as well!

8# Of course there would be duet performance.

Recording was not allowed in the concert but I managed to record for the encho performance.

Enjoy !


  1. Awesome! Both of them surely has the true voice!

  2. i like huang xiao hu! her voice is darn awesome! =)