Sunday, August 28, 2011


An hour early before your movie and don't know where to hang out in Sunway Pyramid? Fret not, do drop by at the newly open ZenQ Desserts which located at F1.15 & F1.16c beside Burger King.

The main color theme of this concept store is Green with slight white furnished.Zen Q desserts offers diverse range of yummilicious traditional handmade desserts that fulfill different taste buds. It is a nice place for friends, family and couples to gather.

This is how it looks like from the outside. From the illustrations of the menu are well enough to tempt you to make your step enter for some sweet sweet moment. Absolutely a place where dessert lovers especially girls would love to visit more often.

On Friday night, Elwyn from MilkADeal invited a bunch of bloggers and friends to have desserst sample tasting. Surprisingly many familiar faces turned up on that night. It seems like another huge gathering for the bloggers again!

While the staffs behind were busy preparing the dessert, another three staffs were briefly introducing about the founder and discovery of Zen Q. Each and every dessert were given explanation about what's ingredient in it before it served.

1# Zen Q Signature
Comment: Normally I don't really like various ingredients mixture in a dessert. But surprisingly I could accept the taste after the first sip.* Not too sweet and complicated taste in once.

2# Green Bean Barley
Comment : The barley tasted differently from what we usually had. It's good for the skin complexion . Strongly recommended by the ambassador Dior Yaw!

3# Lotus Seed Red Bean Soup
Comment : The red bean is not too soft or hard to chew and it't not too sweet. Red Bean lover should go for a try!

4# Taro Milk Shaved Ice
Comment : Nicely blended ice with Taro and chewy Pearl all together. Perfect mixture ! You will ask for more once you tried.

(from L-R )
5# Pearl Milk Tea
Comment: My favorite among all ! The milk tea is so smooth plus with the chewy pearl. Perfect combination! Definitely will go back for this.

6# Aiyu Baby Pearl Winter Melon Tea
Comment : The baby pearl looks like baby frog eggs. It's crunchy and good for health.

7# Taro Milk Tea
Comment: Very strong milk taste which goes along with the Taro. It's just nice!

8# Plum Tomato Juice
Comment: Didn't get to try this. Is you blogders turns to tell me how does it taste like after a try.

9#Grass Jelly Smoothies
Comment: Good for health to cool off heaty on a hot day.

Each of us who attended received a RM 10 voucher!

Bloggers rulez!

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  1. Wow, got RM10 voucher somemore! So nice (:

  2. good times to enjoy the desserts together with friends XD

  3. Ooops~ went there last Friday... but, never notice the "zen Q" outlet in Sunway Pyramid.. Seems like quite tempting.. ^.^" should visit them when I go back to Malaysia next time..