Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Went down to Midvalley a day before to collect a pair of Incubus concert passes that I won from a contest. I couldn't considered myself a crazy fan of them cause I only know few songs of them so I decided to sold off my passes.

Lately, I have been hitting the sack unusual early. Worse is I couldn't even finished an episode of series till 15 minutes before it ends. Often felt exhausted and body sore like being punched. I couldn't deny but to admit it is the sign of aging.

While Incubus's fans were excited yelling and screaming at the concert, two of my buddies buzzed me up for karaoke session. It's been quite sometime I have not meet up with this busy bees. The price session for that night kindda make a move back.

I don't think was worthwhile to spend rm60 plus for karaoke session. I suggested them to go Teo Heng, Sunway Giza. The price there was way much reasonable . The direction idiot, yours truly even lead the way to Giza. Unbelievable!

The singing session started from 11.30pm -2.30am.


Unknown song name #

Sound track from The Womanizer series.

Learnt this song during National Service time.

Carrie. Natasha. Yours Truly

Exhausted yet happy night spending time with the buddies once in a while.


  1. sometimes the price is not as important as the company we're with. As long as everybody's happy, its all good! :)

  2. I've never sing k until that late :P Usually also daytime sing cause it would a tad pricey at night.

  3. hmmm price in loudspeaker can be that costy? u got eat anything? hahaha

    Anyways I spend my Sing K session at Neway last few night ago was RM40 . . . 11.40pm to 4am . . .