Wednesday, August 3, 2011


With the assist of generous people Christabelle & Jaklyn and courtesy of Mr. Amos, I was proud enough to attend Xplay party for once again on last Saturday. The party was held at Opera, Sunway which just right opposite Sunway Pyramid.It supposed to start at 7.30pm but as usual Malaysian timing; it only begun at 9pm.

Bumped into Miss Nuffies ,Anne and Fresh at the booth. Met up with Mr. Amos for passes. He was working under one of the agencies for Celcom and HA event.I didn't expect that the passes that we received was V.I.P. The different between V.I.P and normal passes was free flow all night long! After collected the passes, papa bear and I went for dinner.

The party supposed to start at 7.30pm but as usual Malaysian's timing; it dragged till 9pm. Samuel was the first to reach and join us for the party. He was one of the members from Arabella who performed in last year Xplay at Libary. And that was how I got to know him. Was told by him that, bands which participated previous year couldn't get the chance to join other years due to the limited opportunity provided.

Bloggers are categorized as V.I.P and always has the privilege to enter from another entrance to get rid from the long queue. B.L.O.G.G.E.R rockz!

Xplay stage: Got Xplay Shout, Got Life!

Samuel Porly. Yours truly. Papa Bear.

Sam left before the performances kick off due to he had jamming session around 9pm. It was nice to meet up this busy bee after months . Perhaps we could travel to Bangkok together in November?

Emcees of the night.

Performances! The main purpose of yours truly being there was to watch Estranged perform. Unfortunately, they were gonna show up at 11.20pm yet I had another event to rush to.

When there were extra glasses on the table means the drinkers had arrived.

Third glass of the night which reach my usual limitation

Alvin and David were the drinkers I mentioned.

Till the clock struck 9.45pm, yours truly rushed to Mist, Bangsar to meet up with the fellow blogging buddies for Hennessy Artistry.

Invitation passes that I won from FlyFM.

Photograph session before walked in for party.

How could anyone missed out the most happening party in town?

Everybody get down the floor with Dj Gina from UK!

The regular faces that you will never get bored.

Sexy Jolyn & Bruno Mars wannabe, Shii Teck

The magician of the night, Adrian who surprised my friends.

Bumped into Kaven while he was ordering bottle at the bar. I couldn't recalled this fellow till he gave me a weird look.

Pretty fun and happening party! Though the free flow ended early , still I get to drink due to some friend opened bottle. The night ended with yours truly puked right after home cause she had alcohol more than her usual limitation. I could feel my head spin right round and slept off with make up and party dress on.


  1. hehe, i like the way you say "the drinkers have arrived!" XD

  2. woots! looks like you have great fun in the events! :D