Monday, September 5, 2011

5th September 2011

1) Was on the phone for 4 hours conversation till this morning. Crazy shit *
2) Was about to let go my interview this morning due to the tiredness and exhausted to the max.
3) Changed my mind at the very last minute.
4) Took cab to down to KL for the morning interview.
5) Carelessness of recruit agency send me the wrong address and corporate's name. Epic failed*
6) Go mary-go- round around Plaza Damansara then only find out the exact place is at Plaza Damas; and the name of company is Oxford instead of Ophard. Frustrated *
7) The company lot was so hidden.Took me half an hour to go through Plaza Hartamas Mall to search for the corporate.
8) Thanx to my dearest mummy who willing to go with me this morning. Appreciate much*

8) Headed to KLCC right after the interview.
9) First thing come to my mind was to grab my long awaiting Smurfs toys. Unfortunately, Smurfette was of of stock! :(

10) The main purpose to go to the mall is to grab a birthday gift for my student, Kah Xuan.
11) Got this Hello Kitty set for her from ToysRus.
12) Received a call from morning interview. I was appointed to the job with my expected salary. Jump*

13) This was how it looks like from the outside after mummy wrapped it.
14) The wrapping paper is fugly cause of last minute bought.

'm excited for Bridesmaid screening tomorrow. See ya lovely bloggers !


  1. wow unexpected Smurfette will out of stock so fast!! lol

    this is trend yo! Unbelievable hahaha

    enjoy the movie tomorrow! it is cool :D