Sunday, September 4, 2011


I had received this Skinz starter kit since last week from Jess's blog contest. Been putting it aside for a week without really care much. Today , the sudden urge came to persuade myself to try out this products due to the big red pimple on my nose and few on my forehead.

Frankly, I am not a fans of well taking care of my skin. I am more to a girl who would like put on make up and lazy to remove after that. Sometime, I do sleep with make up on till the next morning. It's a bad habit I know, that's why my face complexion is getting bad!

Due to aging, I couldn't deny much that skin is getting more sensitive and hardly recover when there's scars or wound. I have tried many products before this, still I have not discover any that suits my skin well. In fact, some after I applied it makes my skin allergic and itch.

Therefore , I am still searching products that could heal my skin problem. Skinz UV White promise a visibly radiant, glowing luminosity in just two weeks time. Only 3 easy step to apply (1)Purifying Facial Foam (2) Intensive whitening Serum (3) Whitening Day Moisturizer

Sometimes, I used to wonder why ladies could rather spend so much on skin care products. No doubt, aging could prove by only looking at the skin changes daily. Moreover, too much of make up apply would let skin become worse.

Tips for good skin complexion:
1. drink more water
2. don't face the laptop too long
3. rinse water on face whenever it's oily
4. don't live under air-condition for too long
5. sleep and take meal on time

Hope this series of Skinz product would bring my skin some improvement. If you blogders have any recommendation, don't mind share by commenting on this post.


  1. Never try these. Hahaha!! Let us know hows it the product kay?? ^^ Hope it helps.

  2. i used their full range of product given during their beauty workshop and somehow am kinda lazy doing the mask!! >.<

  3. Putting toner/moisturizer after facial wash is important too to cover your pores and doing facial mask twice/once a week is advisable (:

  4. Love those tip but No. 2 is hardest to keep up :) LOL! Nice review.