Friday, October 7, 2011


Heineken never failed in organizing huge party whole year long. Rainforest World Music Festival few months back was pretty awesome! This time the green red star Heineken has brought Green Room 2011 to party animals in Malaysia.

Heineken Green Room was held in Live, KL at 7pm onwards. Mr. Benjamin was kind enough to pick me up to the party venue. It was massive jam due to after working hour. We took an hour plus to arrived there if I'm not mistaken.

Since my passes were all won from contests; I had to collect at the particular lane before entered. Bumped into both organizer Joelton and Ivan for Rainforest. I could recognize them till they called my full name. It took me few second to recall back.

I got myself 2 passes each from Dustyhawk, Juice Online, Msnbuzz and Ryan Mo. And I was being thick face enough to get another 5 more passes from Ryan since he posted his friend had extra passes to give out.

Received a beer bottle cap opener after filled up the survey form.

A shot before entering the excitement space! ( by isaac 's cam )

Performances on that night were more to techno genre.

Vip passes were give a pair of beer voucher each.

Shawn who look younger than his exact age.

Ren, Qian's friend.

Jess, the beauty blogger.

Random group picture.

Mr. Anti social; Elwyn.

Ms. Miao; Iris.

Ryan Mo who spare me 5 more passes. Tq so much

Ladies in the house.

Beajamin who was being a responsiblr drinking without taking a sip that night. The photo bomb Henry behind there.

Another bunch of my friends were late that night. They came after their work, what's more I directed them to @live instead of Live. I didn't know that it's two different club. We went for second round at Library till 3am late night.

Awesome Wednesday I must said!