Thursday, October 20, 2011



In 1988, young sisters Katie and Kristi encounter an invisible entity haunting their home. Although it appears friendly, it turns hostile, tormenting the young girls and their family. A scene near the start of the film, which is based before the second film, features Katie bring over a box of video tapes to the home of her sister Kristi, after Katie leaves, Kristi starts to sort through some of the tapes, being filmed by his husband Daniel.


I was damn looking forward for this movie when I watched the trailer in cinema. There was a scene where Kristi and Katie playing in bathroom facing the mirror with some spell and then turned off the light. When the lights on again, there's something appear besides them. This has already scare the hell of me! ( It did not show in the movie though )

Don't really get it what's the purpose of the film at the very beginning. Normal human being wouldn't record all day long for 12 hours just to find out what's the thing that bothering in the house. At least, let the video camera record and escape to somewhere else for safety. And if you know there's something wrong going in the house, will you still let your kids camping behind the house?

Don't really get it why the grandma wanna kill her own daughter for no reason. If it's Daniel, there was some reasons. She did mentioned to the daughter before this guy is useless and doing nothing but spend her daughter's money for living.But I don't think that need to be that extent to kill a person.

And who the hell is Tobby? I thought at the ending part ,the story gonna reveal the identity of this thing. Wasting so much time record nothing but the last scene is to kill off the kid's parents.Only towards the ending part, that really see the little effort of the movie seriously.The weirdest part is why don't Daniel show his wife the film that he record when things happened.

After the credits, I was like hoping and expecting there were some story continue but it didn't. I expected more. I think the movie gonna continue with part four just to reveal who the hell is Tobby.

* I don't really remember did or didn't I watch part 1 and 2. I'm kindda lost with the storyline goes.

rate: 4/10

Trailer is much more scarier than the movie.


  1. 4/10? That bad? I thought so. Paranormal Activity should have only done once. Subsequent sequels are more of the same...

  2. lol. nowadays trailer seems to be more interesting than the movie and we ended up in disappointment.