Tuesday, October 18, 2011


" Rediscovering Fashion From A New Dimension "

Venue : KL Live, Live Centre
Date : 22nd October 2011 (Saturday)

Time : 6pm- 12pm
Dress Code : Dress in style

Tri-Factor Glam Night is known as Malaysia's first Fashion Concert and World's First Tri-Factor Concept which culminate an intense fashion competition for stud
ents. A fusion of concept like no other that infuses fun, excitement and element of surprises by combining fashion and music together.

Tri-Factor Glam Night consists of three main components- modeling, fashion photography
and fashion designing.In team of three, contestant will be competing for the title of ' Tri Factor Glam Night Champion' and stand a chance to grab away RM10,000 cash prize.The concept is fresh and new as it has never be attempted by any fashion related field.

Tri-Factor Glam Night is inspired by Victoria Secret's fashion concept which embodies the fashion value that made its role model famous and allow the audiences to experience an event unlike any other before in Malaysia.

This fashion concert features renowned guest judges from the fashi
on scene in Malaysia such as Gillian Hung (President of Malaysian Official Designers Association), Jacky Koh (Paddy Field Studio‟s Photographer), Eleen Yong (Asian Supermodel), Micheal Ong (Avant-Garde Fashion Designer) and Amelia Tan (Owner of Starmaker Talent Agency).

Performances on that night will feature a list of big names such as:

Jaclyn Victor

Ning Baizura


Tom Mystarz

Beat The System

Tickets are now available for sale at:

RM50 (students)
RM80 (non-students)
RM300 (V.I.P.)

Interested parties can contact Alison Tee (014-6466254) or visit www.tfgnight.com for more information.


  1. gah! I HATE that this has to commence on october! (why can't they just make it later, darn it???) Are you going? If so, remember to blog about it. At least I can view from here *sigh*

  2. Seems like everyone is attending this event, enjoy yourself (:

  3. party party party XD oh wait.. its a fashion event. Lets watch prety ladies then!