Sunday, October 16, 2011


Synopsis :

Real Steel
is set in the near future where we are introduced to Hugh Jackman. He's a truck-driving drifter who ekes out a living transporting fighting robots from venue to venue. He gets a genuine thrill from pitting his bots against his opponents, even though his track record is littered with defeats. On the positive side, he always knows that he and his damaged robots can limp back to the boxing gym run by Evangeline Lily (she of Lost fame); a woman who can work wonders in healing both man and steel.

The story kicks into gear when Hugh gets temporary custody of his 11-year-old son (an excellent Dakota Goyo), from his late wife's sister (Hope Davis) and her rich husband (James Rebhorn). Initially this change in his living arrangements puts a crimp in our man's nomadic existence but gradually they form a bond over a discarded robot that together they help turn into an unlikely champion.

As you can imagine from that last sentence, Real Steel has the potential to be a complete cliché fest, but director Shawn Levy avoids most (if not all) of the pitfalls. This is thanks in no small part to the strong performance from the always likable Jackman, plus strong supporting turns from young Goya and Lily. By the way, that Jackman should look the part in the boxing sequences is no surprise since he's the son of a boxer, was trained by Sugar Ray Leonard for the movie and also has all the graceful footwork that comes with being a trained dancer.


I know right! Everyone was mentioning how great is this movie. I missed the premiere screening from Nuffnang and Churp Churp. First perception from the movie poster itself, I thought it is more to boxing and fighting which suitable for guys to watch. I thought of no big deal to not watch. The urge of watching due to all the positive feedback and comment from bloggers' reviews.

Watched it with Snoopy on Saturday. The 5pm showtime was fully book. We waited for the reserved seat release; how lucky we were to get the middle row seat. We were 20 minutes late to enter the cinema cause we went for some small bite. By the time we entered was already playing the part where noisy boy is againsting Midas.

Among all the robot in Real Steel ,I still find Noisy Boy is the coolest! It is a Japan imported robot with dark blue color and yellow chinese wording on its body. Charlie does not know how to control the robot till Max gave instruction in Japanese then only the robot responded. He learned Japanese from video game he played. Charlie brought Noisy Boy for a fight but end up it left nothing but some junk due to he doesn't know how to control the robot using the hi-tech controller.

Till, Max found another robot named Atom which save his life. He decided to bring him home.It look normal but nothing compared to other beautiful robots.It was an unbelievable surprise that the robot still functioning. It could imitate human's action and dance! Charlie saw Max teaches Atom to dance and thought it could be a good idea to be a symbol recognize for the robot. The robot did help them to earn quite some money in fights.

Check out the official trailer ! This movie is not all just about fighting. It included elements such as how a guy stand up after he failed in his career (Charlie ) with the support of his love and son . The bond between father and son would never separate though they have not meet for quite some time.Anything positive could be happened at the very last minute, as long as we stay firm on our decision.

Overall the movie rated 9/10. the crazy me went and watch twice on the same day. I caught the midnight 12 am show at Berjaya Time Square. I didn't know that there's a cinema hall called Max which could include 500 viewers. The hall was full like a concert show with huge screen. The sound system was awesome but the seat is kindda mehhh.