Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pretty bored Friday night, nothing much to do. Natasha asked me out for dinner. She delayed 2 hours later for the meet up due to the massive jam cause by the pouring.Initial plan was to go The Curve but changed to Tropicana City to avoid the traffic.

Thought of catching movie on that night. Unfortunately, movies all were on selling fast. We gave up and just went for dinner. Randomly picked a restaurant named Taiwan Street which nearby the cinema since we were effing hungry.

Natasha ordered some small bite while I had set meal instead.

Taiwan Sausage which slightly looks like dog's tongue.

Salted chicken rice.

Peach pearl milk tea.

Service: Good
Food : Moderate
Overall : 7/10


  1. om nom nom.. the taiwan sausage so cute 1 ! :D

  2. what makes you think that taiwan sausages looks like dog tongue LOL!

    oh well would try some days hehe

  3. I was just wondering what the first pix was. Interesting that they cut it up :) I'm getting hungry.

    Luxury Haven

  4. taiwan sausage and salted chicken rice looks delicious..:)

  5. taiwan sausage?? i thought those suppose to be erm...looks more like sausage than nuggets? but looks nice though..haha