Friday, November 18, 2011


In conjunction of Halloween celebration, Astro and Nuffnang have collaborated to held a costume themed party for its first ever concept store in Solaris Mont Kiara purpose. A comfy home-look-like ambient makes visitors feel easy and comfortable as though they are at home. The store is divided into three zones which are Discover, Connect and Experience.

The main objective of this invitation is to let bloggers to have the opportunity to experience hands on all the elements of the Astro B.yond IPTV multi- play service. IPTV is claimed as the one and only line you'll ever need.It's an all integrated in one service providers with Astro Content, High Definition channels, Personal Video Recording & a broadband and phone line.

1. High Definition channels
The function of High Definition is currently available for 15 channels including Star Movies (channel 433), HBO (channel 431),Sundance (channel 438), AXN (channel 721), AXN Beyond (channel 720), FX (channel 726), S one (channel 393) and Zhi Zun (channel 310). A sharper, brighter and more colorful images could be expected in video; while multi -dimensional cinematic surround sound by Dolby Digital technology draws the audio. You can see , hear , and feel the difference obviously!

2. Personal Video Recording
Force to make decision to pick one when all your favourite tv shows fall on the same time? Might missed the last episode of the show just to attend some important events? Fret not worry with the functions of pause, video and rewind ( PVR ). The capacity of PVR hard disk could accommodate up to 300 hours recording. How cool you can tv your time , your way!

3.High Speed Broadband
No more frustrating with the broadband which function as slow as a snail!With 30Mbps by fibre optics,it's gonna be a whole new world to convenience easy-busy people like us.It transmit data using hundreds of very tiny strands of glass fibre bundled together to form a cable.A single strand of fibre is equivalent to 1k strands if traditional copper wiring. The speed of light allows huge file transfer,multitask like pro and ultra-smooth high definition streaming.

4. Fixed line voice
A new telephony service package that offers value for both local and international calls.Benefits of this package included zero rental, superb voice quality and one flat rate. Two option of paying rates: 1.Pay as you use or 2. upgrade at additional rm10 per month. For further information of the rate; do visit Time Voice Service Rates

A bigger picture and knowledge of what's and how does IPTV works. Now, lets get the party started! We bloggers did put some effort on that day to dress and doll up like the Hollywood celebrities that we wanna be. I supposed to dress like Christina Aguirela but i couldn't think of anything that symbolized her besides the blonde.Also, due to the time extraint , I just dressed like a typical school girl with a new black tie that I have not wore before.I didn't intend to be like any celebrity; somehow someone thought that I'm going for Avril Lavinge's look.

Yummy dinner and cooling beer were served after the introduction of Astro B.yond IPTV. Interesting games and attractive prizes were there waiting for us to join in for the fun. Emcee of the night is Adam who used to host 8tv quickie previously.

Open your eyes wide to spot and name all the celebrities in the following pictures. You will be amazed by seeing the effort they put on . Let the pictures do the talking now!
















Envy me much no ? I could mingle with so many Hollywood celebrities at that night. Sorry, there is no PLAY, VIDEO and REWIND for the party . You've just missed it!